And so another “cranky”, “unreliable” blog was born… And there was much rejoicing.

“the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post version of events doesn’t satisfy millions of people. So more and more people are trying to find a different and more accurate narrative of events in the Middle East. It is a tribute to their intelligence that instead of searching for blog-o-bots or whatever, they are looking to the European ‘mainstream’ newspapers like The Independent, the Guardian, The Financial Times… I’m not some cranky left wing or right wing nut. We are a newspaper, that’s the point. That gives us an authority — most people are used to growing up with newspapers. The internet is a new thing, and it’s also unreliable.”   (Robert Fisk, in interview with Justin Podur, 5th December 2005)


2 thoughts on “And so another “cranky”, “unreliable” blog was born… And there was much rejoicing.

  1. Everyone looks at the view outside through eyes with unique nature and nurture, life-experience, and expectations. Why should you think it would be any different – just ask ten blind people to touch, and feel an elephant and each will come back with his/her unique perceptions of what an elephant is.

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