Israel’s “right to defend itself” – an email to MP Martin Horwood

Dear Martin,
The state of Israel continues to justify its military action against Gaza on grounds of “self defence”. Ipso facto, since Gaza remains OCCUPIED under international law (an interpretation shared by the British government), it is proclaiming the right of an occupier to crush the resistance of the occupied.  Applied universally, this leads to conclusions any reasonable observer would reject (think Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait or Nazi Germany’s occupation of, say, France, and so on).  How then to explain why this “right” is accepted by so many (including, it would seem, William Hague) in the case of Israel?
I would be grateful if you could post your views at This is Gloucestershire, where they will be available to all.
Best wishes,

Thank you for your email to Martin Horwood MP.  I have spoken to Martin this morning about the terrible situation in Gaza and attach a statement from him below.  If you would like to come and discuss this with him in person then please do let me know.

David Fidgeon

Assistant to Martin Horwood MP

01242 224889


Statement from Martin Horwood MP

I will be meeting with FCO officials and if possible ministers this week in relation to the situation in Gaza.  It is critical that we urge Hamas to cease rocket attacks on Israeli civilians but also that Israel pulls back from escalating the situation in a way that will doubtless cause more civilian casualties amongst the population in Gaza, further inflame opinion in other middle eastern countries and across the world and further damage any prospect of the peace process resuming.  The Fatah administration in the West Bank and moderates within Israeli civil and political society need to be encouraged in their efforts to find diplomatic and political paths out of this tragic situation.


Dear Martin,
Your press release does not answer the question.  To re-phrase:
Do you accept that the root cause of the recent violence is not rockets fired from Gaza, but rather Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territory (to include the illegal siege of Gaza)?
Many thanks,


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