BBC complaints and Capita

I’ve just received a response to a complaint, submitted via the BBC’s webforms, that reveals it was forwarded to News On-line by private company, Capita. Cue a quick google search of “BBC Complaints AND Capita”, and up pop links that show the webforms are indeed managed by Capita, to whom complaints handling more generally has been out-sourced. I did *not* know this!

One of the docs that came up on the google search was this one:

…which, though I haven’t had time to read it all, looks half interesting. For instance, it would appear that staff employed by Capita don’t simply record and allocate, they actually *respond* to complaints! In respect of email/webform complaints, for instance, the document states that:

“These are sent via a webform on the BBC Complaints website. Most are answered by Audience
Services/Capita except for News Online complaints which are routed to BBC News Online for
direct reply.”

Needless to say, this puts some of the dumb-ass responses I’ve received to date into perspective.


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